January 27th 2019
Welcome to 2019

I hope everyone is enjoying 2019!  I have finally updated my website!   Although now based in Catford I still cover all local areas including Greenwich.  I can be found walking in Greenwich Park as well as Mountsfield Park, Forster Memorial Park, Blackheath and elsewhere as required! My boarding service is busy, especially during half terms and the summer holiday periods.  Do get in touch if you would like to discuss my dog walking or boarding services.  References can be provided.


Here’s Wilf on his walk…

October 25th 2014
Hello Ollie…

Buddy sleeping !!

Let me know if I can help with cat sitting – including over Christmas and New Year….

Bowser on the road to Blackheath…

The greyhound pack

House sitting Monty (and Doris who won’t stand still long enough for a pic!)

Minnie and Moppet trotting on….

Rosie and Bailey taking a water break on a summer’s day….

Some pictures from the summer of 2014….

Lovely Lola enjoying the long meadow grass in Greenwich Park….

April 6th 2014
Bowser the English Bull Terrier

Recently I started walking a newly adopted English Bull Terrier (EBT) called Bowser.  Prior to adoption he had been kept in a crate and needed some loving care.  Although five years old, he was behaving like a puppy .  He has found his forever home and with the great care and patience of my client Bowser has become the happiest dog in the world!  He really is!! My client wrote an article for the adoption charity’s website and she has kindly let me reprint it below.  The rehoming charity is wonderful and can be found online if anyone was considering adopting an EBT.  http://www.absolutebullterriers.co.uk


“I was fortunate enough to adopt BB from ABT in Dec 2013. He is an incredibly vital and happy 5 year old. The only dog I have ever owned previously was an EBT and he was the joy of my life. When BB arrived at my home it became apparent quite quickly that BB didn’t appear to have had any training, he was frantic on the lead, chewed his paws constantly and didn’t seem to have many manners – he wanted desperately to befriend everybody and anybody (by full body dives). The first few weeks were full on as BB would wake during the night barking, he took to swinging off the curtains, chewing electrical wires and running around the house with pot plants in his mouth. All of BB’s behaviour seemed to be quite puppy like! even though he is a fully grown adult. He was exercised several times per day, switched to the BARF diet, had play time, toys and lots of attention. The truth is BB just needed time to settle in and I’m the first to admit I started feeling like a bit of failure that he didn’t seem to settle in quickly.

BB for all of his exuberance can be quite scared and unsure of himself outdoors – he didn’t like trains at all (which was unfortunate as we live next to a train station) and he can become startled by planes, loud voices, cyclists etc. On our walks BB and I started sitting at the train station just watching the trains come and go, we would go armed with BB’s favorite snacks, hugs and encouragement. We spent hours up there to be honest. He kind of became like the DLR mascot. People would recognize us and stop and ask how we were getting on and slowly but surely the full body dives lessened and he became desensitized to what he had feared.

Although it didn’t happen overnight it did happen swiftly and we can now ride on the DLR and although it’s a bit much if we get off at a station that’s really busy – as he finds crowds overwhelming. He is a dream passenger on the DLR – he sits down and is unruffled by our journey. I didn’t help BB on my own our dog walker David from Dogs buddy was a massive support and positive influence on BB and his behaviour. David supported me so much and kept reminding me how BB was adjusting so positively and so quickly to his new life and it helped. It was actually David’s suggestion for me to sit with BB at the train station.  Also Karen & Danny (from ABT) were incredibly supportive and even visited us to help guide me with BB when he was so full on in the house. This one visit completely turned around BB’s behaviour and manners as I needed advice on how to deal with an adult dog that had never been trained. He is a quick learner & it honestly took no time at all for his behaviour to settle down. The truth is BB really wanted clear guidelines – he hadn’t had any before, he wanted passionately to be out in the world but it’s overwhelming when you haven’t been. Growth and transformation take time and it’s still a work in progress but we are getting there. BB has relaxed so much now he knows the rules.  

I am so thrilled that BB was placed with me even if the first 6 weeks were crazy it’s all paid off into a rewarding loving companion who just needed a chance. Adopting a rescue dog is a huge commitment but it’s the most worthwhile thing I have done in years. BB is so much fun and such a sweet natured little guy, I don’t know how I lived without him! He is a JOY! Travelling on the DLR, smiling, meeting new friends, being on the ABT charity walk. BB is an absolute delight. Thank you ABT for placing him with me.”


Royal Parks Commercial Dog walking licence scheme

After their review the Royal Parks decided to continue with their Licence scheme for 2014.  I have renewed my licence for 2014 (although Dogsbuddy is not appearing on their website list at present) and I continue to support responsible dog walking in Greenwich Park.  I abide by their Code of Conduct.  This includes a limit of four dogs at any one time.  The Royal Parks website for Commercial Dog Walking can be found here



The picture is the lovely Elsie!



November 10th 2013
Review of Royal Parks Commercial Dog walking licence scheme

The Royal Parks, including Greenwich Park, is reviewing the Commercial Dog Walking Licence Scheme, which it introduced earlier in 2013.  Dogsbuddy is registered under the scheme and therefore I am authorised to walk dogs commercially in Greenwich Park.  I happily agree to abide by the Code of Conduct, which includes a limit of four dogs per walker.  In practice my walks are usually a maximum of three dogs, as I feel a smaller number is beneficial for the dogs I walk. If you have an opinion, comment or view on the scheme, or on dogs in the Royal Parks generally, then The Royal Parks website has a questionnaire.




The picture is Oisin, one of my greyhounds.  He is nine years old and I adopted him six months ago from Kerry Greyhounds.  Prior to a foster home, Oisin had lived all his life in kennels and he is doing very well adapting to home life and to living with his pal Gia, my four year old greyhound.

September 15th 2013
Autumn arrives to Greenwich

After a lovely, long, hot summer the weather has finally cooled.  The cooler weather is better suited for the dogs, who don’t always enjoy the very hot weather (especially greyhounds – how do they survive evolution!!).   Walks needed to be slowed down with lots of water breaks.  Now, the walks can become more energetic again.  If you want your dog to join Dogsbuddy’s walks then please get in touch.  My walks are busy but I will always try to find a solution to your dog’s walking requirements.

Greenwich Park is back to its beautiful best and in full use by the diverse groups of park users, from tourists, locals, cyclists, dog walkers.  The Olympics seem a distant memory and the restoration has been completed as promised.  Commercial dogwalkers need to be licensed to walk in the Royal Parks and Dogsbuddy is licensed to walk in Greenwich Park.  I abide by the Park’s Code of Conduct, which includes a limit of four dogs at any one time.

Cat (and budgie !!) sitting has been busy over the holiday period but I do have some availability going forward.  Do get in touch and I am sure I can help.

Finally, say hello to Lily the Westie !!

June 14th 2013
Greenwich Park Dog Walking Licence

I am very pleased to announce that Dogsbuddy has been licensed by the Royal Parks to walk in Greenwich Park.  It has always been my intention to comply with all regulations and licensing requirements and I am very pleased to be licensed by the Royal Parks.


By way of background the Royal Parks, who run Greenwich Park, recently introduced a licensing requirement for commercial dog walkers.  The requirements included liability insurance, references, compliance with its Code of Conduct, and a risk assessment and method statement. The Code of Conduct includes a limit of four dogs being walked at one time, to have control of dogs being walked, and general courtesy to other park users.  These points have always been central to my approach to dog walking and I am keen to support responsible dog walking in Greenwich Park.


The Royal Parks website includes more information about dog walking, its Code of Conduct and a list of licensed dog walkers


If you would like to discuss the above please do email or telephone.  I am always happy to discuss my approach to dog walking.

April 30th 2013
Your Summer Holidays

With the improving weather, your thoughts may be turning to holidays – long or short.

Dogsbuddy can provide pet and house sitting services that ensure your pet is well cared for while you enjoy your summer holiday.  I provide a house sitting service which means I stay in your property overnight and ensure your pets are walked, fed and happy.  I can bring in the post, parcels, open/close curtains, turn on/off lights and provide security for your property by being resident overnight.  Keeping your pets in their home environment is by far the best way to minimise their stress caused by your absence.  I am CRB checked and I can provide references for my home sitting service.

I also provide a pet sitting service which is a visit once or twice a day to feed your cat.  I can bring in the post, turn lights on / off but I do not stay in the property overnight.  Again, your cat can stay in its own environment and remains more relaxed and ready for your return.

Please feel free to call me to discuss any of these options when planning your holiday or weekend breaks.  I look forward to discussing your pets needs.

March 11th 2013
Easter is approaching so its snowing…obviously !!

As the daffodils and spring bulbs push through in Greenwich Park it has obviously started snowing again !!  I’ve been thoroughly enjoying walking in all weathers, although I think the greyhounds would prefer some warmer weather sooner rather than later.  If you are interested in a dog walk, or if I can help in any other way please let me know.  I recently looked after an irritated Archie (pictured left), who had just had the snip and needed to be kept from his stitches.

With Easter approaching let me know if you need my pop-in service to feed and socialise your cats over the long weekend.  There is no surcharge for bank holidays.

Here’s hoping for some more spring-like weather for all our pets to enjoy.

February 17th 2013
Welcome to Dogsbuddy!!

Welcome to Dogsbuddy’s new website.  My name is David.  Please have a look around the website and if I can help with your petcare needs then do get in touch.  My email is david@dogsbuddy.co.uk and my mobile is 07870601416.  I look forward to speaking with you.

I intend to use this blog to keep you up to date with Dogsbuddy, as well as the wider area of pets and petcare.  I am also interested in local issues related to the South East London area in which Dogsbuddy operates.

Say hello to Baxter, a Parson’s terrier, who is starring on some postcards that I have been distributing to advertise Dogsbuddy.